Google Analytics Website Behavior Reports

  This is a very powerful tool within Google Analytics  that let you see the path visitors commonly take on your website—basically, from the first page they view to the last page they visit before leaving your site.  Knowing how visitors move through your website and interact with your content lets you optimize your website […]

Website Upload Speed Optimization

      Nobody likes a slow website; slow website upload speed affects your online marketing lead generation and conversion efforts – especially for users with slow internet connections and those on mobile devices. Website Upload Speed refers to the speed in which your website pages are downloading and displayed on the user’s web browser. […]

Business Online Websites – Getting Traffic On Auto Pilot

    As a business owner, there is nothing that soaked up more of my time on a daily basis than getting traffic. Without a steady flow of new people coming through your website or place of business, you are not going to get anywhere soon. Up to this day, I can recall the lead […]