Facebook to Overtake YouTube: 5 New Research Findings

  Knowing how Facebook affects online marketing can improve your own efforts. These five studies reveal how Facebook impacts online marketing and why it’s here to stay. Click here to read research findings: Facebook to Overtake YouTube: 5 New Research Findings   Internet Marketing Coaching And Training Program   by

Online Coaching Internet Marketing Training Program

  As a business owner, there are probably two things that you want more than anything else, MORE LEADS and MORE CASH FLOW for your business. But as you come to realize, that’s easy said than done without internet marketing training.. Over the years working closely with business, one of the biggest areas to running […]

Email Marketing in Today’s World

  Most of us have come to associate email marketing with ‘spamming’, desperate ‘offers’ we receive in our in-boxes, regarding various medications, get rich quick schemes, and so on…. Coming from such a background, we would never be inclined to take the whole concept of mailing list, email templates and email marketing seriously. In this […]

Take Over Google Plus With These 8 Powerful Marketing Tools

  Some of Benefits Of Using #GooglePlus include: Google + connects your business directly with target customers at the time they are searching for your product and services – whether they’re looking for you on Google Search, Google Maps or Google+ Local. Google + makes it easy for customers to get in touch with you online Google + It […]

Benefit of Online Marketing

  Another major benefit of Online Marketing is Data Gathering & Tracking.  When you use direct marketing methods such as sending flyers, postcard, newspaper ads. Data tracking can be very difficult and painful. With online marketing you’ve access to valuable data 24 hours a day. This includes how much it costs you, how many people […]

Content Marketing Engagement

  While impressions represent how many people laid eyes on your content online. Customer engagement represents how interesting your customers find your content. For example, how many downloaded a PDF version of your content, how many email opt-ins? How many clicks did you received? How many viewed a video? How many people were expose to […]

Social Media Marketing

Must businesses think that social media marketing only revolves around the Facebook & Twitter Universe… To grow your social media following, drive consistent lead generation and create massive market awareness for your product and services will require you to participate on as many social networks as possible that are relevant to your target audience. We […]

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Is Marketing On The Internet A Waste Of Time

  Today, a lot of companies are of the believe that Web marketing and Social network Marketing is a waste of time and money. This is perhaps among the biggest roadblock that gets tossed at me in so many of my company conferences with clients. But plainly, the irony is – when I take a […]

Misconceptions of marketing

    Here is another big misconception about Marketing that I used to believe – “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door”. Well, when I started my business – I quick realize that this was A BIG LIE! I have come to experience that to thrive in […]

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What Makes Content Marketing And SEO So Important To Your Business?

      What Makes Content Marketing And SEO So Important To Your Business? Google Search Engine Ranking Algorithm is constantly changing. What worked a year ago might not necessarily work today. The winners will ALWAYS be the ones with fresh updated content. At Best Ontario SEO, we help ensure that you have updated content […]

Here is another marketing tip that the experts will not tell you…

    Here is another thing that I learned about marketing that the experts will not tell you about:  ” Marketing is Unpredictable”. Sometimes, I do everything right (like to the ‘T’) and still don’t the result I want. When this happens, I always tell myself welcome to the club and then reward myself with […]

What is Marketing

    So Yesterday, My 5 yrs Old Daughter Finally Ask Me The Big Question – What is Marketing? I never saw this coming… The first definition of marketing that came to my mind was: well, marketing is when you go out and harass people to give you money – this is comical but true.. […]

Generating leads for your business

    Keep the leads flowing from multiple channels into your business at all times – this is the life line of your business. And every encounter with your customers, prospects and leads is a great opportunity to demonstrate your expertise…speaking of generating leads from multiple channels, I can help you to avoid gambling with […]

Learn How to Get Clients Now Your Marketing

  When I started learning about marketing couple of years ago, this one took me some time to figure out – “A Bigger Pond Isn’t A Better Pond” – The problem is: no matter how much you might like to be everything to everyone – its just not possible. This is one of the dilemma […]