Google Analytics Website Behavior Reports

  This is a very powerful tool within Google Analytics  that let you see the path visitors commonly take on your website—basically, from the first page they view to the last page they visit before leaving your site.  Knowing how visitors move through your website and interact with your content lets you optimize your website […]

Take Over Google Plus With These 8 Powerful Marketing Tools

  Some of Benefits Of Using #GooglePlus include: Google + connects your business directly with target customers at the time they are searching for your product and services – whether they’re looking for you on Google Search, Google Maps or Google+ Local. Google + makes it easy for customers to get in touch with you online Google + It […]

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What is Google Penguin?

      What is Google Penguin? So back in 2012, Google updated its search engine algorithm code to further have the ability to detect bogus website back linking schemes, pages with stuffed keywords… This software release from Google was called “Penguin”. It affected the search engine rankings of millions of business website..It may be […]