Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

  If you’d like to know which of your campaign keywords best leads to clicks and conversion such as sales, conversion tracking can help you. Conversion Tracking in Google AdWords can show you what happens after customers click on your ad in Google (for example, whether they purchased your product, called from a mobile phone, […]

How Do You Reduce Excessive Spend With Your Google AdWords Campaigns?

    In business, spending more money is not the best way to increase sales. This is also true with Google AdWords. Some of the simple strategies you can apply to reduce cost include: 1) Improve the quality score of your keywords – try to shot for 6/10 2) Use negative keywords to eliminate irrelevant […]

Building Your Online Advertising Vocabulary

    New to online marketing? Before you start advertising with Google AdWords…it’s always a good idea to build your online vocabulary first. Google AdWords is an automated auction. You write your ads and choose relevant keywords / search terms.  Then, a prospective customer searches and all the ads with keywords related to their search […]

Google AdWords Location Targeting

      Location targeting helps you focus your Pay-Per-Click advertising on the areas where you’ll find the right customers, and restrict it in areas where you don’t — which could help increase your PPC return on investment (ROI). Get a free account audit valued at $499 here:   by