What is Viral Content Buzz

Amazon.ca Widgets This is a terrific platform for promoting and getting more shears of  your content or post online. It  get your content seen by eyes that otherwise would not and the possibilities of your posts or content going viral increase exponentially. #ViralContentBuzz uses a point system for sharing your content.  The basic premise is you scratch […]

What is Content Curation?

Amazon.ca Widgets   In simple Internet Marketing speak – content curation is basically the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content or information on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme or topic for your target audience… Actually content curation is not new – we […]

Content Marketing Engagement

  While impressions represent how many people laid eyes on your content online. Customer engagement represents how interesting your customers find your content. For example, how many downloaded a PDF version of your content, how many email opt-ins? How many clicks did you received? How many viewed a video? How many people were expose to […]

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What Makes Content Marketing And SEO So Important To Your Business?

      What Makes Content Marketing And SEO So Important To Your Business? Google Search Engine Ranking Algorithm is constantly changing. What worked a year ago might not necessarily work today. The winners will ALWAYS be the ones with fresh updated content. At Best Ontario SEO, we help ensure that you have updated content […]