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SEO And Internet Marketing Critical Question # 1 You Should Ask before outsourcing

SEO And Internet Marketing Critical Question # 1 You Should Ask before outsourcing   The first critical question to ask before you outsource your SEO and internet marketing campaigns is: “How do you measure the success of your SEO and Internet Marketing campaigns?” Most SEO firms, all they do is build backlinks to your website pages, this is good but will not tell you sepecifically how well your campaign is doing. You want the outsource company to uses metrics like:

  1. Leads generated
  2. Online business sales
  3. Number of customer phone calls generated etc

to measure success. Be careful with outsource companies that that tout their ability to get you “#1 Rankings” in Google, Yahoo or MSN Bing. At Best Ontario SEO, we know being ranked #1 has zero direct revenue benefits… In addition to key metrics,  as a business owner, you also want to see regular reporting that focuses on those relevant metrics above, not just your Google, Yahoo or MSN Bing search position. At Best Ontario SEO – we provide you a monthly report of Key Performance Indicators of all your SEO and Internet Marketing campaigns. We also help businesses with the Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Website Development.

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